CHAOS: Uber taxi attacked in city

Fifteen people were arrested in Cape Town yesterday when metered taxi drivers took to the streets to protest against Uber.

An Uber driver was forced to flee after his vehicle was attacked and badly damaged.

About 50 protesters blocked Wale Street in the city centre by parking their vehicles in front of the provincial legislature.

The group called on the Ministry of Transport and Public Works to better regulate Uber.

One driver says Uber operates without permits, and are therefore illegally competing for their livelihoods.

Cops fired stun grenades to disperse the crowd and arrested several protestors.

Police spokesperson, Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says 15 drivers were arrested for illegally gathering and one taxi was impounded.

David Drummond, a spokesman for the metered taxi industry and owner of a fleet in Table View with 40 drivers, says: “We feel the police were unnecessarily rough.”

He said they marched after waiting for two weeks for feedback from the department.

The Democratic Alliance spokesman for Transport and Public works, Lennit Max, slammed the violent protest, but said Uber must work within the law.

“Metered taxi drivers are facing tough competition, but they must meet this competition with innovation not violence,” he says.