RESULTS: Inshaaf Levy-Rajap says a tadpole was found in her tap but the City says it was hair
The City of Cape Town has released the results of testing done on a “tadpole” that allegedly came out of a Mitchells Plain family’s tap last week.

And the official verdict is: it was “a clump of hair”

But the angry family isn’t slukking their storie.

Inshaaf Levy-Rajap, 39, from Eastridge, had complained to the Daily Voice about a tadpole that ended up in her son’s glass of tap water.

They claimed it was still alive and swimming.

After collecting the organism from Inshaaf, the City conducted a microscopic analysis.

Mayoral Committee Member for Informal Settlements, Water and Waste Services, and Energy, Councillor Xanthea Limberg, stated that no organism was present.

“The City’s Scientific Services branch conducted a microscopic analysis of the water and ‘tadpole’ and found that there was no organism of any sort present, but rather a collection of fibres or hair,” Limberg said.

She also said that the “hair fibres” came from somewhere inside the house.

“It should be noted that the City’s reticulation system is closed and highly pressurised and as such no living organisms should be able to get into the water.

“Furthermore, every water meter acts as a physical barrier. As is shown in the first image, water passes through a sieve before it enters the property. The hair-like fibres must have come from somewhere inside the house and collected inside the nozzle of the tap," Limberg explains further.

Inshaaf doesn’t buy the explanation, however, and says the image of the “fibre” in the City’s photo looks nothing like the tadpole from her tap.

“I am so shocked at their [City] response,” she says.

“The thing was alive, you could see the eyes and it was swimming and wikkeling, so how is that hair?

“They now want to turn the whole story around and keep things quiet because they are not doing their job right.

“In our picture of the tadpole, you can see its transparent tail and the picture the City has is not the same. The fibre is bigger than my tadpole. I just wanted the community to be careful with the water, especially children.”

Anyone with concerns regarding the quality of their tap water can contact the City’s call centre on 0860 103 089.