‘PERFECT’: Home Sweet Hell on e.tv at 11pm

To everybody, Don and Mona seem like the perfect couple. The perfect life, the perfect business, the perfect house, the perfect marriage.

Then Dusty shows up and krap alles deurmekaar! Mona might seem like a prim and proper blonde wifey, but she won’t tolerate someone who wants to take her man, and her life, away from her. 

She’s mos used to a certain level of living, dammit! But how far will Mona go to keep her perfect life together?

Watch e.tv’s late night dark comedy at 11 pm, called Home Sweet Hell, and find out for yourself.

A bit earlier on e.tv it’s the weekly episode of Mistresses at 10 pm, and this week’s episode is called Til death do us part.

The four friends are filled with anticipation, tension and mixed emotions as they prepare for Joss’s big engagement jol, Karen anxiously waits to find out about her HIV test results, and Daniel is helping April and Lucy stay safe from her ex-hubby’s morsige maniere and tjommies.

SABC1 has Thandeka’s Diary at 7:30 pm and in Uzalo at 8:30 pm, Qhabanga struggles to come to terms with the news of Nkunzi and Gabisile, while the cops are pressuring Nonka.

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