Bins, baskets and shelves alone cannot solve someone’s organisational problems; however, they are helpful in providing a designated place for belongings.

Clutter tends to pile up when people don’t know where to put things. As the saying goes, a place for everything and everything in its place.

Consider adding shelving to your home. These are not just for books and toys but can be perfect for bathrooms, offices and family rooms, too. I’ve recently used these in a basement playroom, hung horizontally, to display Lego projects on the inside and top surfaces, but they can also be hung vertically on a narrow bathroom wall or in an office.

Lids on laundry baskets can get in the way, opt for those that are open in the front which makes it simple to toss in your laundry (especially for kids), and the handles, which make it easy to pick up and take to the laundry room.

Versatile folding wire storage baskets are a trendy way in which to store all kinds of things, but they also double as a piece of art. They can be used as a fruit basket, a container for things such as cloth napkins, or even a wastebasket. It’s fun and functional. And if you can find one that folds flat, it’s easy to store.

Free up cabinet space with a pretty wine rack that doubles up as display.

A hanging mirror with hooks is another versatile piece.

Hooks can provide easy-to-access storage for such things as jewellery and scarves in a bedroom and for perfume, hair products and towels in a bathroom.

Desk-organising products are great as long as your desk is large enough that you still have enough room to do work. But if you have a smaller desk without a drawer, consider a wall organiser instead.

Not only can it hold notebooks, pens, pencils, scissors and more, but it can also serve as a display space for photos and keepsakes.

I dislike seeing cords, even when they’re organised with ties, clips and labels. Look out for products such as desk charging stations to keep the cords hidden.

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