You touch my life with words you say, 

your quirky smile it lights my way

Your eyes alive it gives me hope, 

without your strength I could not cope,

                   My rose.

Your warm embrace it soothes my pain, 

when times are tough you block the rain.

You wipe my tears, you ease my mind, 

soften my heart with acts so kind, 

                   My rose.

You never mind when people judge, 

say life’s too short to carry a grudge.

You choose to move on fast and swift, 

you are to me a precious gift,

                My rose.

Your spirit free for you just live, 

when you have none you give and give.

A heart for those you do not know, 

compassion for others you easily show,

                  My rose. 

I’ve never met someone so true, 

so rare a diamond such as you.

So filled with joy and life and love, 

a personified angel from the One above, 

                My rose.