TECH-SAVVY: Olarm System

Keep your house safe with the Olarm Smart Home Security System. Complete with a hub and sensors, this next generation system performs multiple functionalities. 

Each Olarm sensor can detect motion, door and window, smoke, water leak and temperature and humidity. Furthermore, one Olarm sensor is enough to cover an entire room. 

The wireless sensors are also self-alarming, which means that you don’t have to arm or disarm them every time. 

It utilises multiple signals like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS from smartphones in your house to intelligent arm and disarm your home.

STICK: Monitors movement

Using patent-pending technology, you can simply peel and stick the smart sensors wherever you like in your home. Then download the app and follow the steps to finish setting it up.

This kwaai gadget will soon be rolled out as it has reached its funding targets. 

But if you are eager to get it, you can find it on for just over R2 000.

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