HOSTING EVENT: Allison Tobias-Meintjies, 40

Allison Tobias-Meintjies, 40, lost 73kg within two years, after hitting the scale at a whopping 209kg.

Allison of Caledon, who worked as a foreman at the City of Cape Town’s road and sewerage maintenance department, quit her job a year ago to become a full-time fitness and motivation guru.

The mom of two explained how she and her sister, Lorraine Tobias, 43, were too heavy for gym equipment, and started exercising at home.

Lorraine committed suicide last April and Allison vowed to continue their weight-loss journey on her own.

Now she shares tips and advice with hundreds of followers on social media.

On 10 June, Allison is hosting the “Fat Cracker Explosion” at the Claremont Hall, between 10am and 1pm.

“I am very excited. I am asking people to come dressed in their exercise gear, bring a towel, water and a mat,” she says.

“It is also about showing people how to stay on the bus, especially those who fall off the bus every weekend, to keep them motivated.”

Melany Oliphant, 48, of Cape Town, has already lost nine kilograms since she started following Allison in February.

She currently weighs 80 kilograms.

A “skeptical” Melany reached out to Allison on WhatsApp.

“She said they are just a bunch of fat people helping one another and I was added to the group,” says Melany.

“We chat until after 10pm, if you say you are going to eat a packet of chips, one person on the group says no, eat a carrot or something.”

* For more details follow Allison on Facebook or WhatsApp on 072 765 5949.