PATIENT: Comedian Soli Philander, 58, is grateful. Photo: Facebook

Actor and comedian Soli Philander has been entertaining his fans on social media from his hospital bed this week.

The 58-year-old entertainer is currently in hospital after he fell ill with a bacterial infection on Friday.

Soli said he was being treated in the cancer ward at Groote Schuur Hospital “for privacy reasons” and says he has been “receiving the best treatment by far”.

“I got sick of a bacterial infection that affected my kidneys which then leaked protein dangerously,” he tells the Daily Voice.

“I went to hospital for observation and they quickly helped me, they literally nailed it before it got to a serious point.

“It already reached a bad state and that’s why I was rushed to Groote Schuur.”

Soli says he is recovering well and has been “blown away” by the excellent staff and says it has nothing to do with his celebrity status.

“My shoutout is to the staff of Groote Schuur Hospital who has really been incredible,” he says. “I’ve been very expressive of my gratitude to them and they’ve been responsive.

“I take my hat off to these people. They are just so menslik. I know there might be the idea it’s because I’m well-known, but this was just so real.”

The dad of five says he is feeling quite at home in Groote Schuur, but is ready to go home.

“I’ve been on treatments since Monday and I think I’m good to go home now.”

Soli says he hopes to be discharged on Wednesday.

Groote Schuur has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently, with patients like Noem My Skollie writer John Fredericks complaining of “rude and incompetent staff”.

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