SELFIE TIME: Zolani Mahola with Trevor Noah in New York

Freshlyground lead singer Zolani Mahola and Trevor Noah took time out to take a kwaai celebrity selfie on the set of The Daily Show on Wednesday.

Zolani, 37, shared the picture on Instagram after landing in the Big Apple on Tuesday.

When she arrived in New York, she posted about wanting to visit the comedian on his show and catching up on songwriting and visiting friends.

She shared: “Your girl just hit the Big Apple! It’s always good to be in this city. The energy, the characters! I’m looking forward to connecting with old friends, writing new songs, making a trip to California to fashion a track with @goldfishlive. Hoping to check out our brother @trevornoah on the #dailyshow and just kicking it like I want to! I’ll bring you along on the journey, watch this space! (sic).”

And true to her post, she attended the taping of The Daily Show on Wednesday.

She gushed with excitement in her picture with Trevor, 34, and posted about her conversation with the big shot comic turned talk show host: “Man! But your show was amazing! And then he just smiled that smile and we laughed and laughed.

“Super impressed with TN and I’m grateful to his mom (Patricia) and for all the twists and turns that have made it possible for us to have but such a unique and wonderful Saffa in the Whitehouse ... ahem ... I mean on @thedailyshow you rock bro @trevornoah. (sic)”

The oulike picture got over 2500 reactions in one day.

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