WISE AND SMART: Give them something to look forward to during their intervals

And just like that, it’s back to school.

Mense het skaars die Christmas liggies afgehaal, and the first school term is already upon us.

For the most part, parents and children are very excited about today, but there are those special ones, who are going to cry, every day, for a month.

My grandma always said food can heal the heart and packing lekker lunches in a creative way can make any child smile.

We know it’s Janu-worry, but we have selected simple things to delight the laaities and give them something to look forward to at school.

Circa 1987, day one of school was fantastic to me. It was partly cloudy but humid. Two girls in my Sub-A class had massive green and orange rollers in.

I had my massive bobbles and brown ribbons, with my brown check school dress.

I also had a brown square tassie. I was very excited because inside my tassie was my brand-new lunchbox with my peanut butter sandwiches, an apple and 10 cents for chips and sweets. Nobody else could be THAT excited.

An easy sandwich could be a PB&J-broodjie, grated cheese or Cheese Marmite (yes, that’s a real thing).

In my day, fish paste and jam were the things to have in your bakkie, but today’s children really have the most amazing things in their lunch boxes.

My kids are raised to eat just about anything, but each one of them has the same preference - chocolate spread. They want it every day.

I thank the Almighty that they are not fussy over meals.

Bread, fruit and juice are the basics. Lately, though, skud hulle elkeen met ’n bottel water. They are their mother’s children.

Our recipes today will include some lekker affordable ways to make their lunches blom and save you some money, too.

Let us know what you think.

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