KWAAD: Tasreeqah Daw didn't want the device

Tasreeqah Daw says they struggled to get help from the City for five days after their water was cut due to the installation.

“The water just went off the Tuesday and we were so confused by what was going on,” she says.

“Then we found out my neighbour applied for this device that cuts off the water after a certain amount of water is used. Both our meters are around the corner and so we didn’t even see the City contractor working on it.”

Daw says she contacted the City, but was told that it is a private matter and only got help when she visited the local council office.

The water was restored after the City realised the inconvenient error.

Daw says the family went through a terrible ordeal as her mother, Margaret Butler, 57, was ill at the time.

“Her husband had to collect the popo from the toilet in a sakkie because we couldn’t even flush,” says the upset woman.

Area Central Mayco member, Siyabulela Mamkeli, says: “The service request indicated 5f, the property next door, which was a result of the incorrect number being logged. The City apologises for the inconvenience caused, but it should be noted that a service order was also then logged for 5f Geelhout Street for the installation of a device.”