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800 South Africans mang abroad

At least 800 South Africans are detained in foreign countries, with 98 of them nabbed in China for visa-related offences.

13 December 2018 | News

No loadshedding scheduled for Tuesday

Eskom said on Tuesday that it will not implement Stage 1 rotational load shedding from 9am as usual, but warned that the electricity system remains tight.

11 December 2018 | News

Eskom says to reduce 1 000 MW of load

Eskom said it would again effect rotational powercuts to reduce demand and avoid a collapse of the grid, but that this would be on a lower scale than in recent days.

7 December 2018 | News

Thousands of cops to be promoted - Cele

Over 28 000 police officers who are overdue for promotions will move one step up the ladder between now and March 31 next year, Police Minister Bheki Cele.

6 December 2018 | News

In the dark again

Eskom started rolling black-outs last week and says the situation could worsen before things get better.

4 December 2018 | News

Eskom warns of more rolling powercuts

Eskom warned it was likely to effect more of the planned rolling power blackouts it has implemented over the past week to ease pressure on the national grid.

3 December 2018 | News

Illegal entjies RG is SA's top seller

Research house Ipsos said this week that South Africa has become the first country in the world to allow an illegal cigarette brand to become a top seller.

29 November 2018 | News