Picture: Henk Kruger/ANA/African News Agency
A dad of four, who works as a receiving clerk for a retailer, says he was shot with a rubber bullet in the face by members of the Anti-Gang Unit and had to spend a weekend behind bars after he was accused of public violence.

But Allan Cloete, 32, who is a family man without a criminal record and has worked for his company for 15 years, says cops arrested him at his house in Oleander Street, Netreg on Friday.

He appeared at Bishop Lavis Magistrate's Court and was granted R1 000 bail. He has to be back in court on 13 March.

Allan explains he had come home from work and was dressed in just shorts when he heard a commotion outside.

His wife, Eljoe, had been making chiprolls which she sells from their home.

Allan says he stood in his yard and saw cops trying to put his physically disabled brother, Nigel Abrahams, into a police van and chaos ensued.

AGGRIEVED: Allan Cloete, 32

“People were shouting at them that they cannot treat him like that because he is disabled,” he says.

“I was getting my family back inside the house when I realised I had been shot in the face with a rubber bullet.”

The family including his one-year-old son lay on the floor in the lounge when the cops came to arrest him.

“I told them I didn’t do anything, that I am family man who would never fight with police,” he says.

Allan says he was taken to the police station and then to hospital and is now preparing to open a case against cops.

SAPS’ Captain FC van Wyk says: “We were unable to reach AGU about this matter and we are asking this person to supply a case number if a case is being made.”

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