IN AGREEMENT: CTMCA director Sadick Soeker
The City of Cape Town is to host the carnival competitions of minstrel troupes left “without a home” after their board failed to obtain the necessary event permits.

The 13 troupes that belong to the Cape Town Minstrels Carnival Association (CTMCA) approached the City and, following a meeting on Saturday, the City has agreed to accommodate the klopse at Athlone Stadium on Sunday, 20 January, and Sunday, 27 January.

Mayor Dan Plato explained in a statement yesterday: “While the City fully supports this unique iconic event, the administration is unable to lease venues or issue events permits to an association or events organiser that is non-compliant with events and other legislation.

“In the case of the CTMCA, some board members have criminal records (in terms of the Prevention of Organised Crime legislation) and event permit applications are non-compliant with the relevant City by-laws and national legislation governing large events.

“CTMCA has also had significant unpaid costs relating to City services and reneged on the payment agreements previously agreed to.”

City Safety boss JP Smith added: “We are proud that we can assist the individual troupes as we know that many members have spent the whole year raising funds for their uniforms and many traders linked to the event have invested in their food and goods for their stall.”

CTMCA director Sadick Soeker has accepted the agreement: “As director, I was informed team leaders were individually consulted by the City of Cape Town and they have agreed.”

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