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All I want for Christmas..

I don't want a lot for Christmas... but the City needs to do more to assist small business and more Anti-Gang Unit cops, kanala, writes Taariq Halim.

21 December 2018 | Munier Grootbek

To mang or not to mang

How the hell can a court release a suspect who has shown that he will be arrested for more crimes if he is let out of jail? Asks Munier Grootbek.

14 December 2018 | Munier Grootbek

Schools must transform

Schools must play their part in transforming, educating, uplifting and raising our next generation out of poverty, writes Taariq Halim.

16 November 2018 | Munier Grootbek

Guy Fawkes is not illegal

You can’t exactly outlaw a holiday or special day. But you can certainly ban criminal activities associated with these occasions, writes Taariq Halim.

9 November 2018 | Munier Grootbek

Grass is not greener

South Africans are high on the Constitutional Court ruling that dagga be decriminalised, writes Taariq Halim.

21 September 2018 | Opinion

Julle wil mos

Nothing illustrates the problem with parents and their skollie laaities better than this story, writes Taariq Halim.

24 August 2018 | Munier Grootbek