Bigamist hires a lawyer



October 5, 2016
Bigamist hires a lawyer

DEFENCE: Raymond Allies and his lawyer

Man accused of defrauding his sixth wife out of her assets gets private legal assistance.

A man accused of trying to defraud his sixth wife by faking their divorce and marrying her best friend has hired a private lawyer to fight his case in court.

Raymond Allies, 52, and his ex-girlfriend, Joan Greenfield, 56, are facing a charge of fraud and made a brief appearance at the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court yesterday after their case was transferred from Muizenberg Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecutors are set to prove that Allies, a long distance driver, gave the Sheriff of the court Greenfield’s address in Lost City, Mitchells Plain, to serve his divorce papers.

And that he coaxed Greenfield into pretending to be his sixth wife, Mrs Allies, 59, and to sign papers so that he could get his hands on half his wife’s assets, including her Retreat home.

In May, Mrs Allies reported him to cops when she learnt he secretly “divorced” her and got married to her best friend, aged 54, who had been her neighbour for over 30 years.

The matter was postponed to January 12 as there are still statements outstanding.

As he left court, Allies was confronted by his sixth wife, who told him: “You think you are gonna win. You are a con man who want to steal women’s assets.”

Allies responded sarcastically: “Put my face on the front page of the newspaper and don’t speak to me, (only) the journalist.”

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