LEAKED: Ronaldo's Juventus jersey. Photo: ANDRE PENNER/AP

Cristiano Ronaldo can keep the CR7 moniker he used at Real Madrid after Juan Cuadrado publicly passed the number-seven shirt on to him on Thursday.

The Colombian midfielder wore seven for the Italian champions last season but he tweeted: "It is better to give than to receive. Blessings in this new adventure."

The message included a photograph of him holding up a number seven Juventus shirt with Ronaldo's name on the back.

As well as being the nickname used by his supporters and the media in Madrid, CR7 is the trademark Ronaldo uses on his line of clothing, fitness gyms and hotels.

Ronaldo wore number seven at Manchester United but, when he signed for Real Madrid in 2009, he had to wear the number-nine shirt until club captain Raul retired a season later, making the number seven available.