BOOTED: Iran national team

Nike has Nuked boot sponsorships to Iranian players ahead of the World Cup. 

The move comes as part of president Donald Trump’s sanctions after pulling the USA out of the Iran nuclear deal last month.  

The sports equipment company says in a statement: “US sanctions mean that, as a US company, Nike cannot supply shoes to players in the Iranian National team at this time.”

It’s unclear how many Iran World Cup players have been affected by the decision.

But an ESPN report says Iran’s players responded to the decision by asking non-Iranian players on their club teams to loan them boots, while others had bought their own from stores.

Iran coach Carlos Queiroz, meanwhile, has slammed Nike’s call to boot his manne as they prepare to do battle against Morocco in Group B on Friday at 5pm.

Queiroz says: “It was ridiculous and unnecessary to produce this statement against a couple of young players.

“I think it should be the exact opposite because 99 percent of our boys, they buy the boots, so the statement should be in the opposite direction and they should thank them.

“They should come out and apologise because this arrogant conduct against 23 boys is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary.”

Queiroz, though, adds that he and his players are min gespin and are using it as motivation. 

He has told his players to JUST DO IT. 

The ex-Portugal boss says: “It has been a source of inspiration for us. This last comment of Nike was, in my personal view, an unnecessary statement...”

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