STADIUM: Croatia head coach Zlatko Dalic. Photo:Vadim Ghirda/AP

Croatia should use its stunning run into the World Cup final as an incentive to improve its football infrastructure at home with a modern national stadium, coach Zlatko Dalic said on Thursday.

Dalic said that the upcoming Nations League home games against England and Spain deserved to take place in a big arena which the country however lacks.

The England game on October 12 is to take place in a 10,000-seat stadium in Rijeka, however behind closed doors owing to UEFA sanctions. Croatia are yet to announce a stadium for their other home game against Spain on November 15.

"For a team like England and Spain we need a stadium of 40,000-50,000 and have a full house. This is a huge problem," Dalic said.

"Something has to be started, if not now then when? We have character and pride but in all other aspects we have to improve. This is the ideal moment to say 'let's do something'. Sport has brought so much joy to the people."

Croatia's biggest stadium is the 35,000-seat Maksimir arena in Zagreb which, however, is not very modern. Rijeka and Split have modern but small stadiums.

There have reportedly been plans for years for a new national stadium but nothing is decided yet.

Croatia face France in the World Cup final in Moscow on Sunday. Reaching the decider is also lucrative from a financial point of view as the champion takes home 32.1 million dollars and the runner-up 23.6 million dollars.