CONCERN: Safa chief Danny Jordaan

After the sale of NFD winners Thanda Royal Zulu’s top-flight status to AmaZulu, the nation’s FA is worried about having too many clubs from the same region.

Thanda hail from Richards Bay, but with AmaZulu owning the franchise, the action will move to Durban.

And Safa president Danny Jordaan is not happy about the situation.

He tells the Citizen: “We are going to have a joint-liaison meeting soon with the PSL where these issues will be discussed.

“As far as possible we cannot be against ownership and control changes but we should argue very strongly against relocation.

“Otherwise you will end up having all the 16 clubs based in Johannesburg.”

Jordaan goes on to add that he wants the financial power to be spread around the country with the clubs being rooted in their communities rather than moving to larger economic markets.