FRESH: Stormers in kit
The Stormers launched their new kit for the 2019 season on the weekend.

With a new apparel sponsor in BLK, the Stormers jersey is described as having “a modern twist on the traditional blue and white hoops, a silhouette of the iconic Table Mountain on the back, #WeStandTogether text on the inner collar and encapsulates both the Stormers’ traditions and the beauty of Cape Town”

The statement adds: “The away jersey is a markedly different black design with a yellow trim and a new-age take on the traditional hoops in the form of soundwaves which symbolise the thunder of the storm and the noise made by the Newlands Faithful.”

Of the new sponsorship, WP Rugby CEO Paul Zacks says: “They have produced two quality and fashionably appealing jerseys, which I am sure our Faithful supporters will absolutely enjoy and wear with pride.”

The new home jerseys will cost fans R800 for adults and R750 for kids and are available now.