FRUSTRATED: Coach Eddie Jones
Rugby is evolving and England, who lost 22-16 to France in the Six Nations on Saturday, are struggling to adapt to the way the game is being referred, according to their coach Eddie Jones.

The defeat means Ireland have claimed the Six Nations title after they beat Scotland 28-8.

England, meanwhile, suffered their second defeat in a row after losing to Scotland last week and on both occasions were repeatedly penalised at the breakdown.

And Jones says: “At the breakdown we had trouble. I thought we had improved but not as much as we needed to.

“We didn’t learn quick enough, I’m not 100 percent sure why.

“We are not adapting to the referees’ interpretation at the ruck as we should. We need to learn.”

England were penalised 16 times, often at the breakdown, where the French also took advantage of several turnovers.

Jones acknowledges that even though England are ranked second in the world, they are still a team in development.

He adds: “It’s a tough period for us at the moment.

“Any team that is developing as we are, you go through these tough periods, when the game doesn’t love you.

“We’re on the losing chair, but you shouldn’t get carried away or be too melodramatic about the way we are.

“It’s going to take us some time [to adapt], it’s not going to come quickly.”