FACE-OFF: Mayweather and McGregor

A day after McGregor mercilessly mocked the American in Los Angeles to launch a four-day international promotional tour for their August 26 fight, the Irishman ridiculed Mayweather’s attire, saying: “How do I look? He’s 40!

“Dress your age, carrying a school bag on stage.

“What are you doing with a school bag on stage? You can’t even read.”

Mayweather, dressed casually for a second straight day in a t-shirt and cap while McGregor again wore a suit, did his best to counter and hit back with: “I’m the [one] that can’t read? I do numbers, I make money.

“You owe money,” McGregor responded, referring to reports that Mayweather earlier this month asked the IRS for more time to pay his 2015 tax bill.”