Thomas Bach

The centre in Boane, an hour from Mozambique’s capital, provides sports and recreational facilities and training for thousands of local children.

It is one of 44 throughout the continent, and also provides basic healthcare and educational facilities for more than 2,000 local children.

It even provides employment for the local economy, with a local business producing and selling school uniforms.

The IOC president was able to see the children in class, and played football with a group of them. The centre, which has plans to expand to include a sports training facility, has basketball courts, football pitches and a basic athletics running track.

After visiting the OlympAfrica centre, Bach said: “This visit went straight to my heart. I was so impressed by what I saw in the hospital, in the classroom, in the workshop and, of course, on the playing fields. It is great to see how sport is changing people.” 

 African News Agency