READY TO GO: Olivier Giroud

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is reportedly interested in negotiating the purchase of Gonzalo Higuain for a fee of £45m plus Olivier Giroud.

And France striker Giroud is open to leaving the Gunners as part of any deal that could materialise, according to his agent.

Higuain, who scored 36 goals for Napoli last season, has a buyout clause of £80m and Arsenal are hoping that offering Giroud as part of the exchange may convince the Italians to sell.

Giroud’s agent Michael Manuello says: “If he was asked to leave, then we would evaluate his options.

“There is no fear from Olivier about possibly going to Napoli: it is a magnificent city. In Campania, my client could lead a wonderful life.

“Olivier is an Arsenal player. So far there has not been any communication [with Arsenal] or contact with Napoli. If Arsenal tell us to leave, then things change.”

The Gunners are short on striking options with Chupa Akbom and Theo Walcott the only fit frontmen.