AJAX BOSS: Peter Bosz

Ajax Amsterdam boss Peter Bosz is not buying Jose Mourinho’s excuses that his Manchester United’s players’ batteries are pap.

Mourinho has given up on the Red Devils’ Premier League finish, blaming it on a long season and injuries.

But ahead of next Wednesday’s Europa League final between Ajax and United, Bosz says every coach experiences the same problems.

Regularly playing nine U21 players in Ajax's run to the final, Bosz says United still has enough resting time.

He says: “If I only look at his line-ups and team formations all season, then he is playing with almost two different teams – one team for the Europa League and one for the Premier League.

“If those boys, which he is using for his European games, are not playing at the weekend in the Premier League, they have as much rest and exactly the same preparation time as my players – and look at the amount of players he has available to rotate.”

And Bosz adds that his laaities don’t skrik for the Red Devils.

He says: “If I say that this is going to be a normal game now, people will laugh because it really isn’t a normal game at all any more.

“But my Ajax boys, no matter how young they are, won’t be afraid.

“They have played massive games this season. We have the Ajax way of playing football. That is far more important.”