Having captained the team under the Frenchman, Adams already said Wenger “couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag”.

And as the Arsenal board meets with their 21-year coach today to discuss his future, Adams also believes Wenger won’t leave the club because he won’t make it at another big club.

Saying Wenger won’t last a year at Real Madrid, Adams adds: “That’s why I think he’ll hold onto Arsenal.

“He [Wenger] said ‘I’ve turned down every club in the world’.

“But he would’ve been sacked after a year at Madrid. He would’ve had to go to from club to club.

“But, at Arsenal, he’s got total dominance. The board do nothing.

“Arsene has a free rein. He’s earning them so much money he can do what he wants. And I don’t think Arsene can let go. It’s an addiction.”

Meanwhile, rumours of a new two-year deal started circling yesterday.