STILL BELIEVES: Barca's Neymar
Juventus defender Georgio Chiellini says Barcelona’s stars are like sharks and they will be out to finish them off in tonight’s Champions League quarterfinal second leg at the Nou Camp.

Despite heading into the encounter with a 3-0 first-leg win, Chiellini, who was gehap by Barca star Luis Suarez during the 2014 World Cup, says: “We need to be compact and show no fear.

“[Barcelona] are like sharks who scent blood and finish you off. We’ve got to keep them as far away from our goal as possible.”

The Spanish giants defied all the odds when they fought back from a 4-0 first-leg deficit to PSG in the previous round to ultimately win the match 6-5 on aggregate.

And star striker Neymar believes they can emulate that feat.

The 25-year-old says: “We have to believe we can do it.

“The other day my father told me one thing which has stayed in my head, and I think it’s true. “In front of us we have a different team, but Barca is the same. And we can do it.

“We did it once and we can do it a second time. We have to give our absolute maximum. If everything goes well, there will be another comeback.

“I believe in the team and in our power. Everything is lost [already], so we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”