Is South Africa now world rugby’s feeder nation?

The short answer to this question is yes.

A number of the country’s players are already plying their trade overseas, while even more will leave at the end of the season.

And if reports are to be believed, the country’s schoolboys are now under attack too with as much as 20 current Craven Week players reportedly being linked with French clubs.

So who is to blame for the game busy bleeding out in our country?

The answer to that is all of us.

The more infighting we have with regards to the nation’s favourite pastime, the more divided we become.

War logic tells me that divided forces are easier to overcome than one that stands together.

Those jammy bastards in Europe and Britain are smiling from ear to ear every time they read about our unhappiness with this or with that when it comes to rugby.

Admit it or not, the war trumpets have been blown by the French in terms of rugby and their poaching and it’s up to the Saru to do something to stop the exodus.

Yes, we don’t have the resources to compete with these guys, we know that by now.

But by giving equal opportunity to all we might just give time for the scab to form over what is obviously an open rugby wound.

Until then, we might just see a number of expats in the France national team in years to come - ala Rory Kockott, Scott Spedding and Pieter de Villiers.