NOT A FAIR RESULT: United shouldn't have beat Liverpool
I really enjoyed the big red and white w***fest at Old Trafford on Saturday. It was a good game of football.

But it probably should have been a draw given the balance of play.

Manchester United fans were left hanging on a thread for the best part of the second half and I couldn’t understand why?

The first 45 United were at their best; good attacking movement, hustling and bustling when Liverpool were in possession, really looking the part.

Why did it change so drastically?

I don’t buy Jose Mourinho’s post-match comments regarding instruction to his players.

He said Liverpool were simply dominating and pressing forward so his team were naturally forced back.

What a lot of bollox! He obviously set them up to sit deep, soak and play on the counter.

This wasn’t just parking the bus, this was creating a bus terminus.

It was so crowded Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane just couldn’t pull party tricks out the bag because there was simply no space to operate.

Look, he’s a hugely successful manager, he knows how to win football matches and has proved himself over and over again, but surely, defending like that isn’t necessary.

He was playing it totally safe, although it almost proved to be his undoing.

Why wouldn’t he opt for his side to continue as they were in the first half? Liverpool couldn’t cope, they were on the back foot and looked likely to concede more.

I’m sure United fans aren’t complaining, but this was a chance for the coach to show them and the world that Manchester United aren’t as boring as their reputation is today, they’re actually on their way back.

At 2-0 up, they were dominant all over the park - what a missed opportunity. In the end it was a squeaky three points and left a lot of question marks.

Oh, and before I move on, can anyone explain how Dejan Lovren starts for Liverpool?

He’s proper Sunday League, everyone can see it week-in, week-out. All the Liverpool fans I know can’t stand him.

Why does Kloppy persist? Are they perhaps family, or lovers?

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Mourinho and Klopp

Anyway, great result for United, always means a lot, especially as the Scousers are looking better than they’ve been for a long time.

Down in London, “crisis” club status moved away from Chelsea and Arsenal, as the imminent flare-up at the London Stadium reached its moment with West Ham getting whacked by Burnley.

It was only a matter of time before working-class fans took a stand against unscrupulous board members who have helped destroy clubs up and down the country.

Yeah, United fans have expressed their dislike of the Glazers by wearing green and yellow scarves, Gooners stay away from games.

But the anger at West Ham seems a lot more militant and carries bigger issues. Take a look at ‘Real West Ham Fans Action Group, our story’ on Youtube.

It's about the devastation of a community around the Boleyn (Upton Park).

It’s about gentrification and the promises corporates make to push deals through for profit.

Unfortunately the group is run by ex-members of West Ham’s ICF (Inter City Firm) one of the countries most feared groups during the hooligan era.

I say unfortunate because of the stigma attached, but these are people who have West Ham and the East End of London in their hearts - the kind of guys who beat up the pitch invaders on Saturday once they got back into the stands because of their stupid behaviour.

Despite the Chelsea-West Ham hatred, I fully back them.

It’s still not clear what the solution is, but one thing is for sure, as the West Ham board were ushered away from their leather-padded seats before the game ended in fear of being attacked, they’ll be reconsidering their involvement with the club.

West Ham face Man United next ouch!

Back to action on the pitch and huge midweek fixtures in the Champions League, United host Sevilla tonight (0-0 first leg) and tomorrow the Blues face Barcelona (locked at 1-1).

Despite bad form, don’t be surprised if Chelsea pull off a schizophrenic performance and win. Well, either that or we’re gonna get battered 4-0.