SHOCKED: Roma stunned Barcelona. Photo: ETTORE FERRARI/EPA

I have to say it, last Tuesday night’s Champions League games provided some of the best neutral watch games in years, in fact I struggle to remember a bigger upset than Barcelona getting whacked by Roma.

It reminded me of Liverpool in 2005 coming back from 3-0 in the Champions League final against Milan.

One of those historic nights that, as the equaliser goes in, you hold your head and shout out “WTF!”

Of course, Liverpool lifted the trophy that night. It doesn’t get bigger than that.

But Barca was (arguably) the world’s best club side, brimming with confidence, on the back of a 4-1 first leg walkover, getting unceremoniously dumped out of a cup they seemed destined to win.

It was beautiful Roma had belief, they ran faster, tackled harder, defended stronger and deserved everything they got on the night.

TOP STUFF: Liverpool’s Virgil Dijk bosses Jesus of City. Photo: NIGEL RODDIS/EPA

It was another one of those moments that give the footballing world heart.

It’s still possible for the underdog to win, we haven’t been totally overrun by “superclubs”.

The Roma triumph followed a torrid week for Manchester City, which provided similar sentiment.

The Untouchable Citizens, who, despite becoming Champions of England, have screwed up what could have been a mammoth season.

There wasn’t much hope for City against the Scousers last Tuesday, given the fact that “The Klopp” had shown us how straightforward it can be to beat Pep.

But for some inexplicable reason, Liverpool were set out like every other muggy team against City this season, two lines of defenders and a loan striker over the halfway line.

Why would he do that?

After the first goal, it felt like the game was going one way.

Liverpool came out in the second half higher up the pitch and the rest was history.

It was a similar story at Real Madrid last Wednesday. How could a result be turned around like it was, given the first-leg hammering away from home?

I was a bit irritated by the commentators as they gushed about the immense experience Juventus had at the back and how they had sedated Real’s forwards.

HEARTBREAK: Juve icon Gianluigi Buffon. Photo: RODRIGO JIMENEZ/EPA

Did they forget about the three goals they’d let in a week ago?

As it turned out the 93rd-minute penalty, which probably was a fair call, settled it.

Poor old Gianlugi Buffon, lost his s*** at the decision, uncharacteristically bullying the ref and had to walk.

I remember him crying to the nation of Italy last year after the Azzurri failed to qualify for the World Cup.

This was his last chance for a major honour and it disappeared as a result of a contentious injury-time decision oh well, as they say, football can be a cruel game.

Plenty of football this week and if the football gods continue to disrupt the form books, I’m praying that Brighton overturn Spurs to give Chelsea some fight for the last few games of the season and a chance at hitting that all important fourth place.

Talking about upsets, oh my word How do West Brom go to Old Trafford, having not won an away game since August and put one over Jose? United were shocking!

Oh, and before I forget, well done Pep.

The last couple of weeks have been miserable, but the league title is fully deserved streets ahead of everyone this season and playing the best football.

I guess they’ll be strengthening the squad ahead of the new campaign, as well as working on mentality strength. Fatigue? Complacency? They’re gonna be the team to beat again either way.

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