HUMBLED: Eden Hazard and co. deserved hiding. Photo: CARL RECINE/ REUTERS

As most of you will know, I’m old school and that applies to my attitude about football.

I’m one of the voices that says, “leave our f***ing game alone!”. But as time and money move forward, the weaker our voices become, while the new breed steamrolls history, tradition and passion in the quest for revenue.

Saying that I was anti the "backpass to keeper" change, which turned out (in my opinion) to be a positive tweak.

The jury is still out on VAR, while I still stand against it, especially with its camera angle flaws, stoppages and strange instructions as to when officials raise a flag or blow a whistle.

But up next comes something that’ll be familiar to those of you who watch American sport (or rugby).

It is, of course, an attempt to cleanse football from the deplorable, borderline satanic act of "dissent".

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE: Proposal for soccer sin bin. Photo: ANDREW BOYERS/REUTERS

That’s right, "sin bins" are coming (10 minutes off the pitch for foul-mouthed players) and from where I see it, there ain’t no stopping it.

As with covert MI6 public Guinea pig testing, sin bins have been in operation in amateur leagues across England this season and according to the referees' association, the results have been positive.

Stats so far show a 38 percent reduction in verbal abuse aimed at officials well halleludeedaah!

One of the practical problems of implementing the bin law is how the rule will be interpreted.

As it stands, you can legally shout, “oh for f*** sake ref”, but you can’t aim it at him/her personally, like: “f*** you ref”.

Of course, when you have children in their hundreds of millions across the planet watching English football, you don’t want them to be set a bad example, witnessing their idols indulging in behaviour perceived as anti-authority.

It’s all part of the wider neoliberal world takeover.

Anything except perceived positivity and wholesomeness is bad for business!

As you can probably tell, I’m trying to avoid talking about the weekend's football.

OK, yes, Chelsea were s***, embarrassing, gutless and deserved to get whacked by a proper team. There you have it.

As a result, the Blues drop to sixth and I can’t say I’m disappointed.

When your last two away games produce no goals, no points and you concede 10, what can you expect?

The strange thing is, Chelsea might well pull off a couple of top-notch performances in the next few weeks.

Well, they’d better, what with some tasty fixtures including Manchester United in the FA Cup, Manchester City in the League Cup final and Spurs at the Bridge, with a couple of Europa games in-between.

I could just try and forget Sunday’s killing and move on, but the ramifications of that type of result are much further reaching than losing three points.

According to reports last week, during a radio interview Eden Hazard told the presenter he has made his mind up regarding his future.

Cesc Fabregas also mentioned on social media that Eden had chosen to stay at the Bridge. But which world-class player would want to commit to a side that can’t compete at the highest level?

And what next for Sarri? Perhaps he can just drop Kante behind Jorginho and it’ll all be OK?

And why the hell didn’t he shake Pep Guardiola’s hand? I didn’t like that.

It was a great weekend for the rest of the top six, with Spurs somehow winning 3-1 against a Leicester team that bossed most the game at Wembley

Well, another 10 days until the Premier League resumes and on Sunday 24th it’s a game that three months ago would have meant nothing.

Manchester United host Liverpool at Old Trafford!

Will this be the final piece that completes Ole Gunnar Solskaer's comeback jigsaw?

A chance to dent Liverpool’s title hopes will be the biggest motivation United have had in recent history.

It’s gonna be MAD. Thank god, I’ve come to the end of this week’s thoughts.

Now some me time, time to start rebuilding my life, time to forget football and get into more important things.

Anyone got a suggestion? Perhaps know a good shrink? HELP.