MAN OF STEEL: Kevin Anderson. Photo: BEN CURTIS/AP

Kevin Anderson! Take a bow boet.

The South African produced a performance for the ages on Wednesday night, knocking out defending Wimbledon champion Roger Federer in an epic quarterfinal battle.

Fighting back from two sets down, the 32-year-old somehow overturned the odds to make up the ground and then outgun the 20-time Grandslam winner 13-11 in a marathon final set.

You had to see it to believe it.

As the match got deeper past the 6-6 mark, then 8-8 and 10-10, you could see Fed lose his nerve.

The Swiss always looks so cool and suave, but as he looked for a chink in Anderson’s armour, he exposed himself. The eight-time champion rushed his shots and came undone

All the while, Anderson just kept believing. That’s what you want to see from South African sportspeople - that belief, that never-say-die attitude. And then you want to see them win.

It was top stuff from the Joburger. Hopefully he gives us something to cheer by reaching the final. Hell. Just win the damn thing.

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