UNFAZED: Andile Phehlukwayo. Photo: BACKPAGEPIX

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed’s racism is the worst kind on a sports field.

You know which kind I’m talking about. The coward’s kind of racism.

Hiding his racism in a language that South African allrounder Andile Phehlukwayo couldn’t understand is as hateful as it is underhanded.

There was nothing he could do as Phehlukwayo tore his team to shreds with the ball and bat in Durban on Tuesday night.

So he let his worst instincts kick in.

His words were desperate as another slice of luck went the 22-year-old’s way - an inside edge missing his stumps.

In his native Urdu, Ahmed said: “Hey black guy, where is your mother sitting? What prayer did she say for you?”

Without throwing in the “black” in there it may have a been a pretty sharp chirp.


But after the match, while giving credit to Phehlukwayo, the Pakistani captain also failed to even attempt the Zulu’s name.

It’s a shame that in the end Sarfraz still could not yet put a name to the face that had beaten his team with a bowling effort of 4/22 and an unbeaten 69.

Phehlukwayo even clean bowled him.

Sarfraz could only call him BLACK.

The ICC is set to come down hard on him now. He has apologised after being called out by Pakistan great Shoaib Akthar for his cowardly remarks.

To his compatriots, it was obvious what his intent was when making his remarks to Phehlukwayo.

But he never had the guts to be a plain-old racist.

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