EXPENSIVE: United star Romelu Lukaku

The latest self-doubt episode has been sparked by the Romelu Lukaku saga.

What the hell does everyone see in him that I’m missing?

I couldn’t wait till Chelsea offloaded him, he was rubbish.

Every other ball to him came off his shin, he was clumsy, slow, couldn’t hit the target and usually ran the wrong channels.

OK, he improved at Everton and scored quite a few goals, but when I came across these stats I was completed dumbfounded: he scored 26 goals in 39 games in all competitions for Everton last season and has notched up 168 senior career goals, aged just 24.

Since moving to England, he’s scored 104 goals after starting 184 matches.

Last campaign, Lukaku became Everton’s highest goal-scorer in a league season since Gary Lineker in 1985/86 and by scoring against Burnley in April, he became the first Everton player since the legendary Dixie Dean way back in 1934 to score in nine consecutive home games.

It goes on the Belgian is the first Toffee since Bob Latchford in 1978 to score 25 goals in consecutive seasons in all competitions.

He is now also Everton’s record Premier League goalscorer, despite only being at the club for four seasons.

He’s got better stats than Harry Kane and is only topped by Sergio Aguero in the Premier League over the past five years.

What the f***?

I had to research a bit more, I mean, on paper, this kid looks like the dog’s bollox.

I was slightly appeased to read that his passing average is abysmal, he’s always been k** at holding the ball up and bringing teammates into play, in fact, no out-and-out striker in the league lost possession more times than Lukaku last season.

Yessssss, thank god for that.

Whatever the stats are, and believe me I’m not a stats kind of guy when it comes to football players, I can’t help but see a young Emile Heskey - although Heskey was better in the air. For me he ain’t top quality.

Yes, he scores goals - which I guess is the point - but I just don’t feel like he’d fit into the current fast, inter-passing, Chelsea set-up, I think he’s one of the main reasons the Belgian national side just can’t come right.

They have all the talent, but no end result. So maybe United is the better option?

Gone are the days at Old Trafford of slick build-up passing and pinpoint through-balls.

Maybe he is the big mug to replace Zlatan?

Oh and then of course there’s the transfer fee£75m!

How the f*** can he be considered anywhere near that even in the current mad climate?

I’m still wondering why United fans are mocking Chelsea for not landing the striker.

We don’t like Lukaku.

We were disappointed when he was at Chelsea and happy when he left.

Even Everton fans aren’t sold on him despite his record they ain’t bothered that he’s leaving.

I’m interested to hear how real United fans rate him Are you happy with the prospect of him joining?