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You know, I moan all the time off-season about how boring the weekends become and how I’m always searching for something to substitute for watching a game of football.

But apparently the Confederations Cup was on and I didn’t really watched any of it.

Why? It’s full on, there are great nations and players on show, but naaah, just couldn’t be bothered. OK, I watched the final great game, Chile should have done ’em 4-1 given the chances they created.

Have I become a Premier League snob? Will nothing else do?

When pondering my lack of enthusiasm, I managed to reach a point of understanding. The Confed Cup is basically the Charity Shield of world football.

All the faces are there, but no one gives a s*** who wins it, in turn creating football on the pitch that’s lacking a bit of soul. “Yeah, I’m still alright, nothing wrong with me”, as I empty a syringe of synthetic Premier League juice into my jugular.

Of course there’s a problem.

When the Premier League is on a break and La Liga, Serie A or Ligue 1 is on the box, I don’t give a monkey about that either.

No, I’m not one of those super-irritating so-called purists who watch football “for the love of the game” and support three teams all at the same time.

You know, “in Spain I support Barca, in Italy Juventus and in England Man United”, what’s that?

That’s like telling people you fought against Apartheid by not buying an Outspan orange, that’s what that is.

Saying all that, it’s sad for me, despite still being interested in amateur football, that the power of the English top flight has me by the short and curlies.

OK, it’s true, I always was a Chelsea fanatic, but I’d still go and watch Hendon or Barnet (my local clubs) when the Blues weren’t playing.

I’m not sure if I’d be interested in that if I still lived in England.

Perhaps I’m just going through what a lot of you were experiencing years ago when ya’ll chose trophy-winning clubs to support.

Now that my club is considered a “big boy” and notching up silver every season, it’s all become a bit different.

Or maybe it’s more sinister than all of that, perhaps I’m just another sad victim of the marketing geniuses devaluing all League football except the Premier League.

It’s what these bastards do.

Think about the outpouring of outrage following “terrorist” killings in the UK recently, while suicide bombers and terror attacks are a daily occurrence around the globe

We hear little or nothing about them. You see, we are made to believe that Europeans are important and the rest just don’t matter.

Whatever my problem is, whoever is influencing it and whatever I try and do to fix it, I don’t give a s***, get this off-season done, I’m starting to get wobbly anyone know where to buy a bag of synthetic Premier League?