So I found myself watching an all-time a favourite of mine, Brown Sugar, this past weekend again for like the 2 000th time.

The film is based on a journalists love affair with hip hop and in the film she says she starts all her interviews with when did you fall in love with hip hop?

What I would give to ask many of those in charge of the local game a similar question. In their case it would, however, read like: ‘So, when did you fall in love with football?’

Genuine ouens, I’m really interested what their answer would be. I get the feeling these guys don’t love the game, but are rather more concerned about protecting the benefits that come with their positions in football.

The latest stunt pulled by our football leaders to allow a game that was supposed to be played “behind closed doors” to be broadcasted live on TV is a clear sign that the soul of our local game has been sold to the highest bidder!

Now, everyone knows and has accepted that Kaizer Chiefs have a large following and that comes with some power and influence.

But that doesn’t mean the leadership has to be so obvious with decisions to benefit Chiefs and the sponsors of the league.

Chiefs played their match against Polokwane “behind closed doors” this past weekend.

But, Chiefs, as the “home” team for the match, were allowed to advertise it on their public platforms.

You may be asking yourself how anyone could allow something like that to happen right?

The very same way many other concerning decisions were made in the past.

The broadcasters are obviously happy, because they got eyes on screen, which is what they paid the PSL for in the first place in a multi-million rand broadcast deal.

It’s really hard sometimes to criticise, because these guys obviously create so many employment opportunities.

Football puts food on the table for many, so sometimes one has to think about the consequences of painting a bad picture of the local game.

But I’m a football fan first, we all contribute either way.

We are the ones who pay to enter the stadiums and buy the club merchandise.

So we have a voice that should matter.

I really think these guys have forgotten that the game is played on the pitch and watched by fans. Without the players there is no game, which is the product they sell to sponsors and is watched by millions of fans.

Boardroom decisions are supposed to benefit the game.

This “behind closed doors” punishment was supposed to be a lesson for Chiefs and their fans, for what they did.

And here’s a sober reminder of what happened; a security guard was badly beaten and injured, players and stadium staff were endangered, and stadium was damaged because of their fans’ riot.