Convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius at a shooting range.

A well-known guy once shot his girlfriend dead through his bathroom door with explosive Black Talon bullets.

He claimed he thought it was an intruder in his house - a judge however found that it was his intention to kill whoever was behind that door.

Now his girlfriend is dead and his life is ruined.

Lying, arrogant d*** or not, he’ll probably regret what he did every day for the rest of his life.

He made a BIG mistake and there’s no undoing it.

That’s the thing about guns...

Similarly the story of a crazed killer who walked into a gay nightclub in Florida and gunned down 49 people.

Initial reports claimed Omar Marteen was an operative for ISIS or something.

But then an “ex-lover” revealed it was a revenge attack - the mass murderer had apparently found out that one of his sex partners was HIV-positive.

However, the real motive is still unclear.

One commentator made a good point: what if he’d walked into that nightclub with a knife instead?

He’d stab a few of people - not 50 - before being overpowered by security and patrons.

But that’s the thing about guns...

Carrying a firearm is not child’s play.

It’s literally holding someone else’s life in your hands.

Scumbags and psychos - anyone who isn’t socially responsible - shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a gun.

So it boggles the mind that someone like shooting academy owner Randall Petersen (who featured in the Daily Voice this week) would teach minors how to use firearms.

Yes, crime is out of control.

Children need to learn how to protect themselves. And parents are desperate to keep their families safe from robbers, kidnappers and rapists.

But before they learn to fire a gun, kids need to understand the difference between cowboys and crooks and SAPS and gangsters.

The difference between TV, PC games, sat-sat and reality.

The reality we live in is sometimes a terrifying one.

Munier believes everyone should have a right to defend themselves.

But there should be no place for guns in society, especially one as violent as ours.

Not for criminals, not for law-abiding citizens, not even for police officers.

Bullets kill over 6000 people, good and bad, intentionally and accidentally, in South Africa each year.

There’s a lot we can learn from the UK, where firearms are banned, and how their police manage this.

Here in SA, it is clear our cops are not winning the war on crime.

And judging by the shots that ring out when driving through some Cape Flats neighbourhoods, they are not winning the war on illegal guns either.

We are a long way off from being an illegal gun-free country, never mind a gun-free South Africa.

But some credit must go to SAPS who caught the gang gun supplier and former cop Christiaan Prinsloo, and ensured he spends 18 years in prison.

Keep up the good work.

To think how many lives were lost because of him...