Jamie Vardy sent off. CREDIT: Supplied

There's been a lot said about referees giving Leicester the benefit of the doubt over the last few weeks.

With decisions swinging their way as officials have “bought into the dream”.

Was that the reason behind Sunday’s fiasco at the King Power Stadium?

Was referee Jon Moss briefed to make overtly biased decisions against the Foxes?

Probably not. But it looked horribly suspicious.

In the end, he evened it all up by awarding a third shocking judgement to give Leicester a last-kick penalty and a big point given the circumstances.

It was so bad, even the usually mild-mannered Fifa ref Jerome Damon tweeted in dismay.

The impact of Moss’ performance may still have an effect on the Premier League run-in, with Jamie Vardy set to miss next Sunday’s clash against Swansea.

Of course, every game right now is a Cup Final, but Swansea represents Leicester’s last “should be a straight forward three points” fixture.

It’s more than a must-win, it’s the game that needs to |provide cushioning ahead of clashes against Manchester United, Everton and Chelsea.

I was left with a dropped jaw when the whistle blew, stunned.

I guess it all just adds to the drama and excitement of this historic season.

In fact, barring the time Nigel Pierce found a half-eaten koeksister under Stan Mars’ left boob, I can’t think of a more thrilling spectacle.

I took a lot of stick on Saturday as Chelsea capitulated against Man City, of course mainly from Man United fans who were |hoping for a favour from the Blues as they struggle to hit the fourth spot for Europe.

I must say, we were disappointing. Yes, there were a couple of changes, and yes, we are safe with nothing to play for, but there’s just no excuse.

Reminded me of earlier in the season when a large part of the squad decided not to play for Jose Mourinho.

It’s a disgrace and I hope the incoming Antonio Conte makes radical changes.

Why should loyal supporters paying upwards of £50 a seat have to be subjected to humiliation like that?

How dare those prima donnas pull on a shirt carrying 111 years of history and play like it’s a charity match?

I appreciate that the players dug in and pulled us to safety, but as a fan, I want to see my team competing at 110 percent until the finishing line.

That’s one of the saddest things of the modern money game.

For those of us who didn’t simply pick a United or Liverpool because they were famous |and successful, every game was important despite the league standing.

That’s really a thing of the past for today’s fans and players, where silverware is the only gauge of success.

It was no better displayed than at the Arsenal on Sunday where thousands of seats were left empty.

Anyway, lots of midweek action to look forward to.

Newcastle have got it all to play for tonight away to City and tomorrow United have a really tough one at home to Palace – well, they struggled against relegated Villa didn’t they – and, of course, it’s Merseyside derby time as the ever-improving Liverpool host their troubled neighbours.

Hope ya’ll don’t wonder too much on the thought of Pierce nibbling away at Big Stan’s titties…