REPORT: US “intelligence” warned malls may be hit.
So have you heard?

Isis is planning to carry out terror attacks at shopping centres and tourist hot spots in South Africa during the holy month of Ramadaan.

That’s according to the United States Embassy in Pretoria, who issued a warning to their own citizens based here.

Terrified? Me neither.

Just a little pissed off.

Because now the United Kingdom and Australia have echoed the warning, sparking global panic.

Now, firstly, last time Munier checked, SA had nothing to do with the Islamic State and their reign of terror and/or political ambitions in the Middle East.

Unlike the US and UK, who have actively waged war and dropped bombs on innocent people in the region for decades.

So where does this warning come from?

Secondly, it’s irresponsible to just issue a terror alert in another country.

We have enough crime to chase people away, now tourists also have to worry about Isis.

Wonder how many travellers have already changed their travel plans.

Thirdly, other countries didn’t issue terror alerts or travel warnings after 9/11 and the London bombings happened.

Nor after the Belgium and France terror attacks this year.

So why does SA get vrot treatment?

It’s not fair. And then when the SA State Security Agency rubbishes the US Embassy warning, then we are responsible for souring relations?

No man. You’re guests in our country, have some respect.