PLOY: Oscar Pistorius’ defence soek sympathy.
By now, all of you will have watched the footage of Oscar Pistorius hobbling across the Pretoria High Court during sentencing procedures this week.

In a shameful sympathy show by the defence, the Blade Runner, in a shorts and T-shirt, removed his prosthetic legs and walks huil-huil around on his stumps.

Pistorius is head down and humiliated, and even his arms hang limp as he re-enacts the vulnerable state he supposedly was in when he shot Reeva Steenkamp through his bathroom door.

“This is the person... that you have to sentence,” his lawyer Barry Roux told the court.

No, Mr Roux, this is the convicted murderer - minus the gun and explosive Black Talon bullets - that blasted a woman to pieces.

So the argument is - because Pistorius is a paraplegic, he should be exempt from serving a minimum 15-year prison sentence.

Since when is a physical disability a valid excuse for committing murder?

Pardon the inappropriate expression, but the defence doesn’t have a leg to stand on.