SMART: Ensure there’s a designated driver
The list of things we just shouldn’t do when driving a car is endless, there are so many do nots. So, when it comes to cars and alcohol, we already know that drinking and driving is a no-no of giant proportions.

But what can we do? Let’s take a look at that. We can think ahead, know that in the silly season there’s going to be dop flowing at the braai, and simply catch an Uber, a minibus taxi or the bus. It’s cheaper than the alternative, which is a life lost.

We can call our bank, or insurance company, and find out what they offer. Some institutions offer a safe home service, where you can get a number of free rides home if you are in a pickle, or get pickled. It’s worth finding out. There are even services that will drive your car home if you look for them.

We can go the ‘designated Dave’ route, and one friend gets to stay totally sober and drive, while we dop. The kids have wised up and are doing this nowadays; perhaps we should learn from them. It’s an acceptable international practice.