SAFE: Stay responsible on the roads. PHOTO: SUPPLIED.

When you’re young and just a bietjie wild and you hear the words ‘personal responsibility’ there can be the sense that that’s all well and good but rather let the next ou take it on. Like, responsibility is a nice concept but applies to other people. Bobby has to say it: “What if everyone took that attitude?”

Truth is, personal responsibility is way more fun than its reputation. Think about it, responsibility means the ability to respond. And as a driver, what better place to be in than to be able to respond, and quickly, to whatever the road has to offer. The sense of power and control is what we live for.

Thing is, if you are going to be able to actually respond to straying pedestrians, unaware drivers, and all the other stuff the road throws at you, you need to be going at a speed that gives you the time and space to react. Following distance is also a thing here. Oh, and you need to be in a sharp state of mind (not out of your mind) so you can get your senses and limbs co-ordinated. So no dop.

When you can respond, react, take evasive action, then you are keeping yourself and others safe. Be the change you want to see on the roads.

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