Bobby Nitro was just reflecting on the way he sees our capable motorsport drivers behave behind the wheel. When they are out on the pitch, or on the oval, they behave like hooligans with a purpose, swinging those vehicles through powerslides and throwing them into hair-raising 360-degree spins.

Granted, these guys and girls always wear a safety belt and make sure they do all they can to maintain a high degree of focus on and off the pitch.

But when the day’s motorsport is done, what Bobby doesn’t see is alcohol anywhere. He notices how many of our motorsport heroes are conscious examples of how to behave when driving on the road. And this includes wearing a seatbelt at all times, never driving under the influence, learning how to manage themselves in tricky situations like having to stop a car quickly and keeping the go-fast stuff strictly to the track.

For all those aspiring spinners and racers out there, let’s take a leaf from the book of the guys and girls who are already in the game. The change begins with you.