Ibtisaam Clarke and her son, Zaakir, celebrated his kwaai 16th birthday party at The Hills PICS BY SHAHIEM BELL
What better way to kick off the new year than with a good deed done in a kwaai kar.

That’s exactly what the guys and girls from the Spin organisation have done, and it all started with an article in this daily paper.

Spin stands for Supporting People in Need and when member Johnathan Schaffers (better known as Johnny 2J) saw an article in the Daily Voice about a severely disabled boy in the Mitchells Plain area he had an idea.

Zaakir Clarke was in a motor accident when he was three years old, which left him brain damaged. Ibtisaam Clarke is his mother and has cared for him ever since. He is now 16 and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Ibtisaam says: “He can’t do anything for himself.”

Shahiem Bell, of TPDZ, describes what happened, saying: “When we saw Ibtisaam’s story in the Daily Voice, it immediately had everyone in the Spin WhatsApp group rallying to want to do something to assist. With Ashiya Fakier being our link to consult with the family, she helped to basically set up the logistics and handle the donations. And before we knew it, drivers were ready to do what was needed to surprise the youngster.”

In fact, Ashiya had linked up with Ibtisaam on the Saturday, when she helped set up another party for Zaakir at Westridge Gardens, complete with custom cakes and cupcakes from the Escort Boyz car crew, each cupcake decorated with a picture of a spin car in action.

Ashiya says: “Other Daily Voice readers came forward to contribute to the day. By the end of it Zaakir was so tired we had to find him a stretcher to rest on.”

FEELING COOL: All were welcome at The Hills venue in Mitchells Plain

The Spin crew put together a birthday surprise of note for the youngster. It started out with Johnny sending a kwaai kar to pick him and his mom up, and bringing them to The Hills, a zone in Lentegeur, Mitchells Plain well known for bringing people together. Waiting there was a small crowd of supporters, people from the Cape motoring fraternity and a dozen Spin cars.

The event was on Sunday, the day after Zaakir’s birthday. His mom says: “All my life I have prayed for a 16th birthday because never in my life did I think he would reach this age. Doctors gave him three days to live after the accident.”

POSITIVE EFFECT: Spin teams set out a cake table for almal who were present

A cake table was laid out for the kids who were present. Ibtisaam says: “It was really awesome the way we were welcomed by the people there. Zaakir and I felt like celebrities. I was even in one of the Spin cars, which is one thing I never even dreamed of doing. I mean, I don’t even let my husband drive more than 60km/* with me in the car, and it was amazing.”

ONS WAS DAAR: Kids couldn’t get enough of their favourite cars at the pitch

The big moment was when all the mense sang happy birthday to Zaakir. “He was so excited, I had to calm my son down a bit.

“The highlight of the day for me was when we entered the pitch and the MC was speaking over the mic and announcing the birthday boy, my son. It really felt great to know there are people who actually care about disabled people.”

SPIN DOCOR: Jonathan Schaffers, chairman of Spin, addresses the crowds

Shahiem adds: “It was our pleasure to do our part to put a smile on the face of a boy, who wouldn’t normally be able to experience this on his own. It’s what we do, supporting anyone who is in need.”

KANNIE WAGGIE: Cars parked waiting for birthday boy to arrive for surprise party

Johnny, who is driving Spin as a recognised and supported motorsport, adds that they hosted a NYE party at the same venue just two days later, with about 4500 people in attendance. He says: “I went to the police station some days afterwards to enquire about the crimes reported in the area during the night, and there were none. We really believe that getting everyone together for these Spin events has a positive effect on the community.”

ARTISTIC: Custom cupcakes from the Escort Boyz

Besides having a great day for her son, Ibtisaam is a recent convert to the thrill of fast cars.

She says: “I would like to thank the Escort Boyz and Spin for giving Zaakir such an awesome party, I’m a huge fan of spinning now after going in one of the cars and they will definitely see me again.”

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