BURNING RUBBER: An informal ‘event’ recently took place on City-owned land coupled with a feeding scheme for mense. Photo: Shahiem Bell

A hot topic at the moment is the latest developments in the Spin community, the search for a pitch, and how the community can connect with the City to possibly make this happen.

What with the Spinning community bringing a feeding scheme to Mitchells Plain recently, Bobby caught up with some of the players to find out what had gone down at a follow-up meeting between the Spinners and the City.

BOYS UNDER THE HOOD: Fans check out the cabbies in the pit area. Photo: Shahiem Bell

There was an informal ‘event’ some weeks ago coupled with a feeding scheme on a piece of City owned land, the hope being that the Spinners could possibly use this land going forward as a pitch. Spinning has for many years needed a dedicated pitch.

The City was, understandably, concerned the Spinners hadn’t gotten official permission for the event, and officials at the meeting pointed out to community members that the proper legal procedure should be followed in organizing a get together of this sort.

BLACK BEAUTY. Sebastian Maxwell at a get-together for local spinners.Photo: Shahiem Bell

Representatives of the Spinning community replied saying the feeding scheme was the primary objective, with Spinning as a recreational sport being employed as an attraction to keep mense entertained and out of trouble.

PERFORMER: Driver Peter Julies puts on a kwaai show virrie mense. Photo: Shahiem Bell

The head of the City’s events office chaired the meeting, with traffic, sports and recreation, fire and rescue representatives, and area councillors in attendance, along with community members of Mitchells Plain who are piloting the initiative.

City officials pointed out the shortcomings, from their perspectives, of how this initiative came about and it clearly upset some that they had to receive complaints on their days off. Spinning reps agreed and apologised for the lack of communication and urged that the City see the importance of the initiative and it’s objective.

Shahiem Bell, of TPDZ, was present. He says: “It was encouraged that we as community members formalise so the City could assist where needed, and that legal procedures were followed. We agreed. The officials were mostly happy to see we were enthusiastic to work alongside and not against these proposals, and undertook to sit in a meeting arranged for a few days later, to discuss or look for a facility that best suited spinning.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS: Riedwaan Oliver delights onlookers at 'event'. Photo: Shahiem Bell

Bobby asked Shahiem for his take on the formalisation of the sport. He says: “It will mean no more illegal business on the streets or ity property, for one. But more so, spinning is such a huge attraction to the youth and crime is definitely at a minimum when spinning is happening.”

The sense is that getting a dedicated pitch will add to the safety of the sport, in that proper safety procedures and scrutineering will take place.

Asked for his personal impressions of the meeting, Shahiem says: “I like to focus on the positives and remain hopeful. I also like it when we are taken seriously, what we are doing with Spinning is what many in the community are now seeing a need for. I still have hopes that the City now sees the importance of our initiative, as we do.”

TRICKS: Jason Abrahams (Big Show) destroys his tyres for supporters. Photo: Shahiem Bell

City officials could not be reached at the time of going to print. Further efforts will be made to contact them and a response will be published.

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