Jared Southgate with his ball partner Erin Pastor and the Range Rover Sport
Finding and pursuing a passion not only puts some serious gees into life but it also provides focus, lends confidence and inspires not only yourself but others too.

Bobby Nitro found himself reflecting on this after a conversation with Wynberg Boys High learner Jared Southgate, a conversation that followed this matriculant’s awesome ride to his ball in a Range Rover Sport.

Imagine the scene: car fan Jared and his partner Erin Pastor exit his parents’ home to the surprise of kwaai wiele and two petrolkoppe escorting them to the event.

It all came to be after SPIN collaborated with Shahiem Bell of TPDZ and Paul Pakoe of Fresh Feels Auto to kick off this year’s matric ball season by surprising learners with top notch rides.

Jared, 17, says: “It was awesome, a once in a lifetime experience. I had asked my assistant coach at Western Province Cricket if he could help in getting me a car for the ball and look what happened.”

RIDE OF PASSAGE: Jared and Erin with respective parents

Cricket is where this guy’s passion lies, he’s been selected for the provincial A team some years running, and despite an injury right now, is a contender for this year’s team. 

Speaking with Jared, Bobby gets a sense of a solid guy, who has the confidence and enthusiasm that is born out of chasing one’s passion in life, sticking to the discipline of practice, and performing well at it.

But back to the story. Shahiem says: “We heard of a young man who had a dream to arrive in style with a Range Rover Sport. Luckily for us, we have an awesome relationship with professional drifter and businessman, also a huge car nut in his own right, Noer Asmodien, who gladly gave us permission to use his daily drive for this deed.”

He’s also into cars, and says of the Range Rover: “I had particularly asked for this car, I like the statement it makes, one of class, luxury and elegance, it has sophistication yet it is also funky and modern, with that boss look.”

The ball was staged at the school itself, and Jared says of the arrival: “We made quite an entrance, lots of heads turned.

“Erin was definitely impressed with the Range Rover, and I think she enjoyed the atmosphere our escorts helped create, in that it was relaxed yet still exciting.

“My top moments of the evening were definitely the arrival and, later on, hitting the dance floor.”

Jared and Erin in their snazzy ride

Partner Erin says: “Having the car really added to the evening, it was very comfortable and everything went smoothly. I also enjoyed the drivers as they were very friendly and entertaining. I’m not really a big car girl but if I had to pick a favourite I would probably say a Range Rover.”

Bobby, interested in what goes on with teens nowadays, asked Jared who he looked up to in life. He says: “There are many, but I would have to say JP Duminy, it’s always been him. The reason is that he comes from the same cricket club I play with, plus the fact that he’s making a comeback from an injury, just like I am.

“JP Duminy is such a superstar, yet in the conversations I’ve had with him, he really relates well. I’ve been watching and learning from his batting style for years.”

Shahiem says: “I have to mention that the car’s owner Noer was still in Dubai when I made contact with him, so his awesome wife, Firdous, who also is a pro drifter, helped us collect the ride that was parked at her dad’s place. Uncle Mailie, known to many, offered up his time for us to collect the car in his busy schedule and we’d like to thank him for that.

ONES WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE: Paul Pakoe inspects Range Rover while Shahiem Bell poses

“The look on Jared’s face was all the appreciation we needed and we gladly escorted him to his event. Special thanks to the organisations for making this all possible and more so to Noer, Firdous and Uncle Mailie.”

Jared adds: “I would like to thank the WP under-17A team assistant coach Brendan Kleynhans for passing the word onto just the right people about my wish. I heard the day before that something special was going to happen and it was brilliant.”

Last year at The Auto Show, 20 lucky matriculants won kwaai rides, and following the success of these responses to Bobby Nitro articles, the same crew is making sure they create those experiences for more youngsters this year. You could be the next lucky one.

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