HOG: One of the most unique motorcycles on display, 
powered by a V8 Lexus motor. PHOTO: SHAHIEM BELL

It's safe to say that this year’s Cape Town Motor Show (CTMS) was a well-attended humdinger of an event, with something for everybody and just about everything for the many petrolkoppe who flocked to GrandWest for the occasion.

Think of it as a one-stop motor extravaganza, with all the extras and then some. Set over the length and breadth of GrandWest last weekend, in the region of 23 000 people passed the turnstiles into a world of variety and quality that brought smiles to most faces.

From Drifting to Show n Shine, Stance Wars, local aftermarket traders and manufacturers, plus dealers, new cars, 4X4 action, vintage and a Rock n Roll rodded classics marquee with a dedicated beard trimmer nogal, the show had it all.

In Bobby Nitro’s view, the fact that CTMS gives much-needed exposure to companies in the motor trade, is enough for it to stand out as an event of note. Garth Rhoda of CTMS says: “We saw happy exhibitors and happy social media, with our increased focus on the trade this year. The Sun Exhibit Hall attracted about 60 brands from springs to parts and tyres. The idea is to curate a marketplace for consumers who come to the show to shop.”

CUSTOMIZED: Time Link Cargo horse, blew everyone away. PHOTO: SHAHIEM BELL

From rims to wraps the hall provided a comprehensive view into just what is available in after market goodies.

Charmaine Innes of Partinform took up an extended area that showcased 24 brands. Partinform is an association of local companies that represent premium quality brands in the Southern African automotive components after market.

Charmaine says: “Partinform members join forces to present a comprehensive programme of roadshows in metropolitan and rural areas. In each area, local industries are invited to participate in the event, which includes education, entertainment, brand exposure and networking, with some fun competitions and prizes thrown in.”

Quarter-mile couple Willie and Louise Nel. PHOTO: SHAHIEM BELL

She says the CTMS event was “just brilliant, very worthwhile in that we definitely got the amount of people walking through that we were wanting” and that brand awareness was the “way to go”. She adds: “It also helps to educate people as to what are good parts for their vehicles and what are not.” Bobby assumes she is referring to the cheaper knock-offs one can get here from a certain Far East country.

She says: “The organisers were wonderful to deal with. It was a smooth, exciting show and feedback from members has been positive.”

Lesego Moagi from part and spares store Autozone, brought a kwaai Quantum and a pop-up store. He says: “For us, it was more of a brand building exercise than a retail space, though we did bring many of the smalls that people can buy and carry away with them.”

KWAAI: Lesego Moagi, Autozone crew. PHOTO: SHAHIEM BELL

The converted Quantum was set up with a killer audio system as well as an X-Box and racing chair. As you can imagine, this was a hit with the kids.

Lesego says: “Overall, Sunday was the best and we saw many families coming to the show. I think it would be good to see more activities for the family at the show, just to keep everyone entertained and not just the motor enthusiast of the family.”

The Grand Arena showcased dealerships and this year was supported by 15 brands, including many new ones.

DAZZLING: Ramzy’s new look wowed crowd. PHOTO: SHAHIEM BELL

Garth says: “We had 19 new models, including the new BMW 3-series and new Rav 4. We like to showcase brands from the more affordable vehicles right up to the Shelby Mustang.

“The idea here is to have a shopfront with a nice spread for everyone. One bonus is that we are able to get bums into seats for test drives, and next year we are taking it a level up and you’ll be able to buy the car at the show.”

Bobby spoke to legendary motorsport icon Peter Lindenberg after the show. Peter, CEO of Shelby South Africa, and bringing high-end metal to the show, says: “It felt like there were more people than last year, especially on the Sunday we got some good enquiries from what felt to be genuine buyers, though it’s hard to say at this stage what the comeback will be.

TOPS: Charmaine Innes of Partinform. PHOTO: SHAHIEM BELL

“On the tool side, as we represent Ford tools, we had customers who bought everything on the stand.”

The Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells zone doubled in size this year, bringing an eclectic mix of ratrods and gear, including a personal grooming specialist, tattoo artist, as well as a Monster skate ramp and live stage. Not to mention the Bombshell Betty beauty pageant.

SHOW: Candy-apple red mk1 Golf was one of Layla’s favourites. PHOTO: SHAHIEM BELL

Garth adds: “With the variety of petrolkop staples, the park-off, Show n Shine, Stance Wars and sound off, we are also providing a safe space for people in the scene to meet, greet and show off their custom rides.”

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