NOT ALLOWED: Don’t be dof by suiping and getting behind wheel
Bobby Nitro feels like a bit of a nagging auntie doing this, but it’s worth the reputational damage.

After all, it’s about saving lives and Bobby doesn’t care if he looks not-so-cool in doing so. 

Here’s the thing: drinking and driving, or even walking, on the roads is not only not cool but seriously dof, and it snuffs out precious lives. There, he said it, and he still feels cool.

Those lives are mostly our young men, in their prime and about to become prime breadwinners for families. Young men take risks, it’s in their genes, but taking those risks on the road usually means risking not only your neck but someone else’s. Who wants to live with that?

The silly season is customarily awash with alcohol. That’s OK, if you really need it to party, but only, only if it’s done in a way that reduces the damage (and not only to your liver). Reducing damage means being uncompromising when it comes to driving because alcohol messes with your senses.

It’s very clear: the change begins with you.