VINTAGE: An example of a 1970 MGB GT
Now and then in the motoring world there comes these remarkable achievements, feats of pure courage that capture the imagination of the fans.

There’s nothing better in the sporting world than when an underdog comes out of the wings to win the trophy.

It’s the stuff of a good fliek, like Herbie, mos.

Now customising house Cape Kustoms has reached back in history to bring us a resuscitated version of an old legend, a 1970s era MGB GT, stripped down and rebuilt to spec.

OLD: The remains of an MGB GT arrive at Cape Kustoms. Pictures courtesy of Cape Kustoms'

Fame came for the British car in 1967 when it stood out among the giants of engineering, Porsche, Ferrari and Jaguar, to win in its class in the annual 12 hours of Sebring at the international raceway of that name.

Quite the feat, and on a 3.74 mile raceway that constitutes some of the most revered tracks in the Golden Age of racing.

The legacy of this cabbie is based on the way it has stood the test of time, much like politicians, marriages and Charles Glass.

Automobiles are also judged by how long they last both on the road and in popular consciousness.

REIMAGINE: First coat of primer sprayed on to the frame

Today, the MGB is considered an icon that represents the underdog’s ability to battle with the big guns. At the time, British-made cars were not highly rated.

Purpose built for display at the upcoming Cape Town Motor show (CTMS), Cape Kustoms are employing the same courageous spirit, as they undertake a tribute build to the original Sebring MGB GT with a V8 powerplant.

SPRINGS: The new suspension for the custom rebuild

Grant Cloete, from Cape Kustoms, says: “Taking this pioneering attitude and eager to expose our unbridled enthusiasm for the combustion engine, we took it upon ourselves to revive one of these iconic motor cars, and bring it to life with the Cape Kustoms edge, presenting a tribute build to the original Sebring MGB GT of yesteryear.”

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